Monday, 1 June 2020


Shai Danon, a recent guest on my Good Vibrations show, invited me on to his Ahava528/ Raising The Frequency channel, where he played the host and I was the guest. 

We got into various aspects of true rights and freedoms, opposing tyranny and evil, evidence for a mass awakening, and - of course -  the C-word narrative.


Jan said...

Thank you Shai and Mark for another great interview. Just a point that you may have picked up on: - a certain person who you mentioned (& whose mother works for the WHO) has a new song being advertised on TV this week - it is called 'chromatic' or something. Rubbing our noses in it again??

Peter Jensen said...

Mr Devlin,

I have, this afternoon, listened to your published conversation with Mr Danon. I comment in hopes of signalling my gratitude to both of you gentlemen - for your (to my mind) respective harmonies of personal intelligence, conscience, and courage.
During the past several years I have been through the "Oh my God: it really IS the Jews!" phase.
Not a good place to be!
Nowadays I have no patience with (and, indeed, sometimes suspicion of) those who interpret every world-event as yet more evidence of Jewish machination. Even if these interpreters are well-intentioned, their analysis fails.
When I try to tell other grown-ups (I'm 56 years old) about the fraud at the root of the prevailing "banking" system, these grown-ups - typically - look back at me like I'm talking at a cat. Is THAT the Jews? Or is that an inability to be REAL? To BE a "grown-up"? I thank you both.