Tuesday, 4 February 2020


I’ve stumbled across a small stash of copies of my very first book, 'Tales From The Flipside.' This was originally published in 2007 and is a collection of good-humoured anecdotes about my experiences as a travelling club DJ. 

I should point out that this was at a time when I was still very much a sleepwalking Matrix dweller, drinking the mainstream Koolade. As such, it’s very far from what can be described as a ‘conscious’ read and is not for anyone looking for more of what was in 'Musical Truth' or 'The Cause & The Cure'! But it gives a curious snapshot of where my mind was at back in those days.

The book’s retail price is £10.00, but I’m offering copies at £5.00 plus P&P for anyone who might be interested, to get rid of the remaining copies. Please drop an e-mail to markdevlinuk@gmail.com to arrange.

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